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          EHSCity Partners/Experts/Talents Wanted for rapidly growth

          [打印]發布時間:2019-07-12    有效期:不限 至 不限    點擊:535

          EHSCity is seeking diverse Partners/Experts/Talents to support their rapid growth in Great China Market and Worldwide with 60,000 big customers.

          Including but not limited to the following positions.

          EHS Service Partners

          EHS Product Partners

          Investment Partners

          Sales VP of North America

          Sales VP of Europe

          Robotic Safety Expert

          Business Continuity Expert

          Industrial Hygiene Expert

          Mechanical Integrity Expert

          LASER Safety Expert

          BIOSAFETY Expert

          Data Center EHS Expert

          Functional Safety Expert

          E-mail: Team@ehscity.com

          Please visit the following website for additional information: