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          IT Project Manager_EHS

          放大字體  縮小字體 日期:2019-04-15     瀏覽:592    
          行業 職位
          招聘部門 招聘人數 1人
          工作地區 北京 工作性質 全職
          性別要求 不限 婚姻要求 不限
          學歷要求 本科 工作經驗 8年以上
          年齡要求 18歲以上 待遇水平 60-80萬元/年
          更新日期 2019-05-27 有效期至 長期有效
          ? JOB SUMMARY:

          The IT Project Manager, Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) will be responsible for planning and delivery of technology initiatives . This role will be a mix of hands-on project management and system/infrastructure implementation aligned to EHS solutions. This individual will be responsible for providing supervision, cross-functional leadership and strategic direction on all aspects of the implementation of EHS related systems. S/He will drive technical strategy, architecture decisions, and development; and manage technical project resources.


          The individual will focus on developing detailed plans to implement system and infrastructure needs aligned to multiple initiatives including Occupational Health Management, Incident Management, Lock out Tag out (LOTO) Procedures, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management, Regulatory Compliance & Permitting, and related capabilities. The IT Project Manager will be responsible for working with Universal Beijing leadership to assure agreement on proposed solutions, and will serve as the point of contact on projects, initiatives, and established budgets; in addition to creating project plans, resource plans, risk identification, risk mitigation, and timelines.


          This is a key position on a lean team focused on opening Universal Parks & Resort’s first theme park in China, and will require an individual that can work effectively & positively in a highly complex and dynamic working environment. S/he will be asked to balance a broad set of priorities and ensure progress is made on all tracks of work.



          -?????? Minimum 6+ year’s work experience in project management in software solutions or third party applications


          -?????? Minimum of 6+ year’s work experience supporting EHS solutions


          -?????? Experience estimating project effort and maintaining project budgets