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          EHS Manager(3家廠)外資化工企業

          放大字體  縮小字體 日期:2020-01-03     瀏覽:19    
          行業 職位
          招聘部門 招聘人數 1人
          工作地區 江蘇蘇州市 工作性質 全職
          性別要求 男士 婚姻要求 不限
          學歷要求 本科 工作經驗 8年以上
          年齡要求 33-43歲 待遇水平 45-55萬元/年
          更新日期 2020-01-03 有效期至 長期有效

          1.       Identifies, prioritizes, designs and implements EHS initiatives, activities and programs.

          2.       Ensures EHS practices compliance with local and company standards, able to conduct Compliance Audit or attend the audit, identify improvement opportunities and corrective actions.

          3.       Provides guidance to leadership members on major aspects of environment, health and safety including, but not limited to: PSM, PPE, Emergency Response Plans, Mobile Equipment, Crane and Hoist, Confined Space, Hot Work, Asbestos, Hearing Conservation, LOTO, etc. and all associated training and Job Safety Analysis/Risk assessment.

          4.       Establish annual EHS targets and objectives, including yearly AOP and safety budget.

          5.       Maintains the EHS Management System effective.

          6.       Communication with government agencies, stay informed on compliance regulations and other issues.

          7.       Provide vision and work with all levels of employees to create and maintain safety culture.

          8.       Manages contractor EHS processes.

          9.       Responds to employees’ EHS concerns.

          10.    Leads safety and 5S audits, monitoring and ensuring identified items are addressed.

          11.    Organize the investigation on injuries and serious NM, chemical release, identify root causes and initiates necessary corrective and preventive actions, and follow up with employee and supervisor on corrective action.

          12.    Organize monthly safety meetings.

          13.    Lead company level EHS training programs.

          14.    Provide technical expertise to line management team members on key governmental regulations pertaining to environment, health and safety.

          15.    Complete and submit monthly report in time.


          1.       BS(or above)degree in Engineering. Safety Engineering or Environment Engineering Chemistry related major prefered.

          2.       Minimum of 6 years demonstrated EHS experience in a manufacturing environment, including environmental and safety MNC experience.

          3.       Experience with Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis.

          4.       Management experience, lead 1-2 people before

          5.       At least 3 years in leading EHS programs.

          6.       Good time-management ability.

          7.       Good communication skills, especially for cross-functional departments.

          8.       Experience and strong ability on preparing and delivering EH&S training.

          9.       Fluency in Mandarin and English ensuring effective written and verbal communication skills in both languages.

          10.    Fluent computer proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

          1. 英文口語必須流利,統招本科,化工背景
          2. 目前已經做到Manager,帶過團隊
          3. 懂PSM

           總部位于荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的任仕達集團(Randstad Group),是紐約證券交易所的一家上市公司,全球最大的人力資源服務解決方案供應商之一。

                任仕達致力于向企業提供專業的靈活性工作解決方案和人力資源服務,于1960年由Frits Goldschmeding創立,至今業務已發展到40多個國家,代表了全球超過90%的人力資源服務市場。自2008年完成對維迪奧(Vedior)的收購之后,任仕達已成為全球第二大人力資源服務供應商。